Sunday, January 24, 2016

New job.. new surrounding.. new life..

I need to bring up something new when i sit down and reminisce.. memories forever more i swear.. part of things that i need is no longer a priority. Choice is what i need to make and i decide to just quit my job and move out from this God forsaken place. I'm done.. i admit defeat.
Neither both of us was listening. For once the great khali admit defeat. By default i should go back. It get me up when i was always get accused. What happened to work it out. What happen when neither of us backing down. Life can be sad and yes it is pathetic to look at myself now. Just how good things going to be i might not know. Everyday before i go to sleep and when i wake up, always in my mind that i shouldn't stop praying for this to end as soon as possible. whatever way it is for me to get this over with i will take it. I know that it is stupid but when you decided that your life going to end after the punctuation mark, you should make sure it happen. The first punctuation occurred earlier December but i appreciate the visit but now i am waiting for the third and the last punctuation so that i will legitimately leave without anyone able to question my existence after it.
Prequel to part of the list.