Sunday, January 17, 2016

Minus 6

6 to 10 years.  That is how long i have to live in this life. It ought to be so good and awesome knowing that with the limitation on my breathing actually kill me in the end. Although i am well prepared, i don't think i am ready yet to receive the so call good news. What is the solution to the limitation that I have to reject now. The attributes might leave me no choice but to just accept the truth and just focusing on what need to be done in my remaining time of the year. I sleep alone, i eat alone and i cry alone. The contraction obligation makes me wonder until when i have to do this. The recent incident in my personal life lead me to the small problem that i am currently facing right now. I wasn't sure why it happens but what actually happened make me almost lose my life. Once early on December and recently early this week. That is amazing considering that i should very weak on it.

I am actually done with my life but the only thing that kept my motor running that need be to be  extra strong is the battle to bring the happiness back to my family. I want my father to get back his lost and gain his happiness. What is sad that i used to have a companion that complete me on my journey to fight the battle and now i have to do it all alone. Might as well do it all out. What i know now,  people will bow at me on my last day soon.

Thank you Love Story.

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