Monday, January 25, 2016

Hide and seek

i leave people in my difficult situation and was left alone too but i don't hold any grudge on people as everyone entitled for their own reason. I love everyone around me that don't leave or judge my action for it is always 2 side of a playback.

People shouldn't leave someone in bad condition, never hurt someone who is in lower life forms and word must be kept. i admit that i am now as what i am right now. The only one that know what I feel is only me and no one else know how bad my condition is right now. I am tormented beyond repair. Sadness and the never ending battle with syaitan wasn't really at the end failure point. I wish it will end soon but i don't know when i able to be back to the old me. I don't think that it will happen since the scar is so deep that only death split me apart. I don't have big dream but i do have one. Sometimes things fall apart to make room for better improvement but i am not able to see any significant change at all. People would have easy path to achieve happiness but only few that able to get the happiness promise by Allah. I know that i am never going to get the happiness that i dream for a long time since i forever but yeah who know maybe with me gone in everyone life,  it would be a great deal for every people around me.

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