Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't judge, please ask

what it means in the sound. the relationship is on the verge of being un-done by the lack of communication. even when its about to be over all i wants try my best to fix it.

life is easy and it speaks the truth about the world we live in, all couples fight, it makes your relationship stronger, you know that all minor arguments are fixable, this sound of life highlights the fact that both parties within an argument want it to stop but it never just stops, it fades out until you no longer know what you arguing about.

the true meaning behind it... that you need to make things good because you never no when it will end... So that means I know sometimes we might have problems/arguments. But we gotta make it work because I could be gone the next day. 

You should never go to bed mad. That no matter what happens make up, because you never know whats going to happen. if i wakes up in the morning still mad about the past day, and i leaves, walking down the street and its very deep 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Rise and fall

Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over,
And it seems as though the writings on the wall,
When you think you almost finally made it,
Suddenly your picture becomes tainted,
The rise and fall..

Give into certain vices that was clearly wrong,
and the type that seems to make me feel so right,
But some things you may find can take over your life,
Burnt all my bridges now I've run out of places,
And there's nowhere left for me to turn,
Been caught in comprimising situations,
I should have learnt.

Ever since i am far from my family,  i always wanted to have family of my own.

nothing changed since then.

Almost made it to the finish line but the fuel to burn is no longer available.

I will be just fine and waiting to be deeply strong so that I can do what best for me. I might not be the best but I am just me.

Raden Yusnaidi Adiputra Bin Alias.