Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fourth Letter.

even if the lips explodes the heart stay closed. I've bwwn sparing the word,  certain word. i want to give you everything but my hands aren't full and fear start to continue grow in my heart. i don't have very much and lack even more but I've been trying hard to gain. You must've been lonely but without any so called complaint but did you smiled and waited for me. i might not know.
i love you
i promise your eternity
there are no word that could describe you
my tears speak to me
and they sink into my heart
the name that will not be erased until my life ends.
there isn't a reason to always share what i feel because it bound to depreciated. even without a purchased gift, compliment i would be the same as usual. the door is getting soggy from the fresh milk but it ain't so good to smile on the turf of fact that the smile wasn't nurtured from the get going.
in a place in my heart, sadness lies and i am sorry to myself that i haven't done enough to knocked off the spices. i didn't want to have any part of me not to be filled with respect and the part of the list.
i don't know that i pained her without knowing, i loved her while hurting her and that pains me.
be what you want to be. I am ready to meet my creator and insya'Allah i will bring with me the empty mind...
Letters .

Saturday, November 22, 2014

sakit dan mati adalah pasti..

memahami erti tujuan kita hidup.
terima kasih padamu ya Allah kerana sering kali mengingatkan aku tentang dunia yg hanya kau pinjamkan pada aku. kadang kala aku lupa yg dunia ni hanya sementara sahaja. yang kekal apa yg di sana insya'Allah.. aku selalu lalai selalu leka.. aku bersyukur kerana Kau igtkan aku.

ternyata Kau terlalu menyayangi aku.. hanya rahmat magfirah keampuananmu yg aku perlukan. aku kadang kala lupa yg Kau pencipta alam dan ciptaanMu lengkap seadanya. aku terlalu leka.

Buat insan yang pernah aku coretkan dosa dan kebencian.. maafkan aku kalian semua.  hidupku tak lama lagi di dunia yang penuh fana ini seperti yg aku sangkakan kerana aku terlalu leka..

kepada ibu bapaku..Allah akan temukan kita di Sana nnt..bagi sahabatku.. jadi insan yg soleh dan solehah, mujahidin ke jalan Allah.. lupakan dunia sementara.. supaya bekalan ke akhirat dapat dicari..


Raden Yusnaidi Adiputra Bin Alias.