Tuesday, March 26, 2013

if only...

I will not forget, I will not change if living takes all the strength I have..
For you, you will wipe my tears but shed more tears In repay.I will keep this heart, forever.As time passes by, in the future far far ahead..I will probably be thankful once again, having the memories to look back upon.This thankful heart, stay here so I can repay you for as long as I live..Let me live as your man.If I didn't meet you, if I didn't know this happiness,If I couldn't experience this amazing love..I wouldn't have known how beautiful this world is, and just live passed all that

From now, what I am saying the thing that I never said.Although its embarrassing and awkward from the day I first met you .The thing I said through my smiles,the thing I always said through my eyes
While "holding" your hand, while "greeting" each other's lips.While "holding" you close, while "hugging" you tight..The thing my heart said..

Thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting so I wont be lonely, because you're right here with me.For giving me someone that can tell me they love me..I thank you that you're my woman, that you're the one

p/s : if only inverted was true enough...