Sunday, March 24, 2013


I think someone could not just said forget it then we can just forget.
I have experience too about pain or regret, it's really hurt..
if we try hard to forget it, it's like we lie to ourself because the pain would never that easy to disappear.
Of course we even can't turn back time or past,
it's useless just always remember that past,
it makes us stop in one place, never move forward,
but the pain will slowly reduce by the time
the pain could slowly disappear but the event could not be forgot.
All we can do is take the experience we got to make better move forward..

There are a lot pains that i'm dealing with but i never said it out loud or blame anyone.

do i really deserve all these don't think so..
but that is the real world application now and i'm just a part of binary code inside a program...
I always get annoyed if some people just blame someone before they know exactly what going on. the fact that i said i don't really take that behavior as something really negative because that not entirely true sometime hurt me too..because for me giving too much attention to people who doesn't appreciate the way you are and asking for more doesn't work for me at all..
i don't say much..and i don't do much...
i just smile and wait what might come ahead in future...bring it on by the way..
and i don't put any hope anymore...

p/s : i had enough with disrespect