Friday, February 22, 2013

The Mix and The Signal

You've heard of the golden rule, right?
"love thy neighbor?
uh,'s "do unto others "and it is actually from the bible..
just fyi for those who doesn't acknowledge about this matter.
then life..there is another rules that was created by people to avoid a feeling that induce to heartbreak and death..booo..

"never ever, ever, ever,love thy neighbor."

This steps of the process that usually occur and it will result to killing the feeling at the end..and it always and always start with no other than.....

It was the only thing that can grab our attention..
for a douche might be the huge rack..
and for those who chase the divine future would go for those who wear hijab..and the type that will bring them peace but not those hipster type of hijab that will bring trouble...(anonymous)

as for me..the simple version would be enough..since according to my easily sustain a relationship..we must have an easy start in relationship..but not those high maintenance shit start of relationship...perghhh...


During those moment..the one who approach the target would try to make themselves marketable with all the quality that they have.
maybe it would be real..or maybe it would be fake just for sake of dealing with the fact that they have to compete to create compatibility within each other. withdraw and deposit concept.( not what you think)
showing that you can be what the other would dream you could will be like a dream come prince or princess from heaven. (unquote)


This is the moment where the moved were made...huuu..for those who think they were the romantic type would bring for a dinner and occasionally proposed after the hint were given. it may varies on people and what is the designated plan for the future. and for once..that is the only moment that people doesn't really think about the future..because the present moment was way beyond blissful from their haunting past that make them scared to be involved in relationship..personally if u did ask me about it..well there is no mourning period should be applied when we faced the end of our our happy that the misery end but not to find the rebound person so fast because it doesn't last and you will end up becoming someone bitch.
i would against the rebound relationship because it will kill both of you..(off topic)


This might be the naughty part of the relationship..regardless who we is depend on how do you define normal actually..then again the existence of the 3gp from plenty of sources on the net suggest that it is normal thing within person in love because it someone prove that the love and affection was there. no need to explain so much about know who you are..

The Tipping Point

When nothing work well in relationship within two people.usually this is the moment that kill the relationship at first place...maybe..cheating...over jealousy..
those two word actually end up the relationship..
doesn't matter who you are..must be some one in your life who will execute it..
the cause of cheating..simple-->know to much of more shine..restriction..
so one will find a way to get what wasn't fill in the bottle...yeah..even if we fill in the blank..we make sure that it wasn't left empty with no answer..the same principle applied...

Looking out at the term jealousy..there are a lot of definition about what it is all about...its funny to think that jealousy would turn down the relationship..some might use it to spice up the heat...interesting actually to think it that way..but the negative side of jealousy is that when we add the word 'over' in front it..nothing goes right if we embedded the word 'over' in every much of jealousy would create safety issue. it will keep you thinking so much and too much of thinking prove to be a symptom of someone being insecure..a study suggest that the less intelligent person handle stress well since they doesn't operate their brain brain at the highest level..again simple is the best..being too bright make you become easily stressful person..because you take the simplest ever thing too serious..


When everything doesn't work well in the is matter of time for both to face each other like a could be a whore..perhaps...and girl could be the strongest..or might be inverted..who will know about it.. either way regardless what happens..we still have to sit together and reflex what went wrong because thing used to be so good and on split second thing went the other way for what went wrong..and try to fix is unavoidable..since if this was avoid..the relationship will append and at the end..someone will become someone spare part..the choice to return..hell NO..!!


If nothing work out will be the end of relationship..please...I'm begging to all the reader..please break up under good is for your own good..don't quickly judge the failure of your relationship..the rational the breakup need to be end up without any bad matter how hard the relationship hard..remember that you have her heart..and he has yours..
giving back to those with responsible is always the best way...forgive..please forgive..and cry..the tear is just something that you fill in when you were in love and the only way to take out from the system is by is okey..


Just received the fact that the shadow fade along with the smoke..the the the past..You will always see people around you and you will always see your past because nowadays..the social network keep people's the moment you realize that all that anger..and resentment just isn't useful.....

p/s : simple,sweet and savage..
credit : Zulaikha and Wawa Zainal(muahaha).