Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday..and Friday..

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of my reader.. i'm in a very good mood..and i am fine..if you did ask..
anyway as u people might is 14 of February 2013..and is a valentine day..
and there is some concern about this day where people were just making fun..
making fun was inverted btw..and there will occasionally be a person who will always be an instant ustaz or ustazah..telling here and there..share here and there..
i think our Malaysian society take thing way too seriously...
yeahh..almost everytime...we fight against thing that we don't really know..
i was fascinate by the term that we have to fight for our youth right..
what was it actually...the right to be a voter..the right to gain sufficient internet access...
that was just all stupid idea by the people at Malaysia...
we pay to much attention on the tiny matter up until that we really forget about thing that matter the most.. 
i was wondering la kan...why..there are not even one youth who fight for the right to obtain a decent living by providing a job...well..i was going to implant the thought to the reader here...we are so obsessed to be help with some stupid ironic BR1M..BL1M..or the stupid RM200 rebate for was just a temporary gain for in 2 years perhaps..but umm it is a well rehearsed gain for our government or like 5 years..think about it..the cash flow was enormous..the whatsoever gift by the government is to induce the cash flow..and they succeed...



here is the first..the rebate for smartphone was meant for under rm500..right..
then..when it was revised again..they found out that if there were no restriction..the cash flow would be even double..or maybe triple..1:8 ratio of  profit was made...and that was the minimum..with the previous implementation of idea with rm500 of smartphone..the ratio would be at par with 2:5 margin of would be a very moronic move to put a restriction..
saying that our government is evil..?? is a visionary and genius move by them..and we..just laugh at them but the real deal was..they were the one who were laughing so hard..for being so idiot asking for the restriction being pull off...sound about right huh..yeahhh..

we might be that selfless jerk who think that the multitude is very very so extreme the clever laaa..tapi..think again..the people who decide for us..are also one of the people...

p/s; read more..and be a person that were oriented with issue rather than choosing side..