Friday, April 5, 2013


this is a common thing that is done in music producing process..
but first..Assalamualaikum..and hello there world..
it have been a long time since my last posting and i haven't update anything on the net..
well..beside twitter..that is the one and only way for me to communicate with the world.. the the only mechanism that we often listen but don't  bother to ask...
maybe certain of us would be curious about the element that was embedded in the composition..
nevertheless it wasn't that  important unless u were like the music enthusiast or something similar...
i love the sound of music..whatever it is from crappy old song to the newest most pathetic current mainstream.Well as world rotate there is a meaning to every lyrical point that the singer wish to portrayed..i love the idea of song..because it can show the world that it always take a lot of attempt to pleased people around us..

the song..only told us what we want to listen. for example based on this piece of beautiful lyrics..
  Thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting
So I wont be lonely, because you're right here with me
thank you..just a simple word..but many failed to use it..thank you is the sign of honesty that should be said with a sincere feeling.people always say what they want toward their partner. that was like a vision to them to create their own future together. i don't mind the idea because it is a smart idea..
based of my experience in love couple arena which by the way wasn't that good..i would wish to share something to all reader that relationship isn't about u and only you. Yes..i do agree when we love someone they meant for you in every way possible..i would wish my relationship last longer but this is not the time to reminisce about the past..because what important for the reader to always remember is to ask..what your partner want. granted you have the gift to be beautiful or good looking but there is still the part where at the end you will end up becoming a douche or whore..please don't get me wrong by assuming that this was a ball licking attempt to cause sensation. it is so compulsory for those who want to start their relationship to ask and not only tell..

always ask your partner to tell sing their song..humming their melody according to their own rhythm and sync it with you and not you headbangging with your own song..listen to other people story instead of telling people your story..sometime when u enter someone car..listen to their might be so different with what yo see them face to face..

p/s : We were so much in love tell me how could you forget...Wish you were here with me..But memories are all I have left.........