Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Last Recital

Now, my wretched entrance
There is a little miss
While I do my paramount to battle the waterworks
She is glaring at me

At the offstage, that miniature misses
Sitting in a oversee
Two tender pointers on apiece other
While she gazes and listens
To my tier

As the miss gets to discern me
She gets further and more
Step by step, she gets carried away by the air
The little miss can't control her crying
She takes her way outside and leaves me

Although the melody came at its end
Now, I won't hum about the bygone
This sad air

 p/s: she doesn't mean a girl..he doesn't mean a guy..

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Since the cold wind blows
Tears are shed at thoughts of you
The day you left without saying farewell
You only left me with longing

In my heart that longs and cries for you
You visit it today thousands of times
Even when I shout out your name at the top of my lungs
You don’t give me any sort of answer

Why don’t you know me who is waiting?
Whatever season it is, I am waiting
I just silently cry, I’m sad, I’m sad
Come back my dear
Don’t you know?

As the tears endlessly flow
There are no days when my sad eyes are dry
Why is my farewell so heart aching like this?
Why am I the only one whose heart is aching like this?

Since the cold wind blows
Tears are shed at thoughts of you
The day you left without saying farewell
You only left me with longing

p/s: I don't do refund

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Like a moving Picture

Even though I want to buy you a pretty necklace
Even though I want to take you out on a ride in a nice car
Even though I want to dress you in nice clothes
Even though I want to take you to nice places

This hand that I put inside my pocket grabs nothing
How can I get you
My position doesn’t suit you
Regardless, can you stay by my side
The only thing I can give is this song
All I have is this voice
Even if this makes you laugh
But I still sing
I hope you accept it

Even if you say it’s okay
Even if you say it’s okay if I have you
Even if you say you’re happy everyday
Even if you say you don’t what anything more
Pretty, good things; fun, cool things

You obviously want to do these things too
You know that if you stay by my side I can’t do these things
Regardless, can you stay by my side
The only thing I can give is this song
All I have is this voice
Even if this makes you laugh
But I still sing
I hope you accept it
I only have this song
I really have nothing but this voice
I don’t know if this will make you laugh
But I still sing

I hope you accept it
I hope you accept it

p/s: i will remember plus i might hold the grudge..

Friday, April 5, 2013


this is a common thing that is done in music producing process..
but first..Assalamualaikum..and hello there world..
it have been a long time since my last posting and i haven't update anything on the net..
well..beside twitter..that is the one and only way for me to communicate with the world..

sound..music..it the the only mechanism that we often listen but don't  bother to ask...
maybe certain of us would be curious about the element that was embedded in the composition..
nevertheless it wasn't that  important unless u were like the music enthusiast or something similar...
i love the sound of music..whatever it is from crappy old song to the newest most pathetic current mainstream.Well as world rotate there is a meaning to every lyrical point that the singer wish to portrayed..i love the idea of song..because it can show the world that it always take a lot of attempt to pleased people around us..

the song..only told us what we want to listen. for example based on this piece of beautiful lyrics..
  Thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting
So I wont be lonely, because you're right here with me
thank you..just a simple word..but many failed to use it..thank you is the sign of honesty that should be said with a sincere feeling.people always say what they want toward their partner. that was like a vision to them to create their own future together. i don't mind the idea because it is a smart idea..
based of my experience in love couple arena which by the way wasn't that good..i would wish to share something to all reader that relationship isn't about u and only you. Yes..i do agree when we love someone they meant for you in every way possible..i would wish my relationship last longer but this is not the time to reminisce about the past..because what important for the reader to always remember is to ask..what your partner want. granted you have the gift to be beautiful or good looking but there is still the part where at the end you will end up becoming a douche or whore..please don't get me wrong by assuming that this was a ball licking attempt to cause sensation. it is so compulsory for those who want to start their relationship to ask and not only tell..

always ask your partner to tell sing their song..humming their melody according to their own rhythm and sync it with you and not you headbangging with your own song..listen to other people story instead of telling people your story..sometime when u enter someone car..listen to their song..it might be so different with what yo see them face to face..

p/s : We were so much in love tell me how could you forget...Wish you were here with me..But memories are all I have left.........

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Letter to future me..

When the days are hard, it gets sad
The pain that causes the tears to come
it will end someday
the only thing that is endless is our love
I love you more than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me
that it hurts, to meet you
to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain
I don't want to do this ever again
breaking-up unless it's a break-up to meet you once more
whenever and forever
Because it feels like my overwhelming heart will explode
because I think the person before my eyes isn't really you
I run, and embrace the breathing you
I am the idiot, who let go of his worries
I love you more than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me
that it hurts, to meet you
to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

p/s : as a reminder

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

if only...

I will not forget, I will not change if living takes all the strength I have..
For you, you will wipe my tears but shed more tears In repay.I will keep this heart, forever.As time passes by, in the future far far ahead..I will probably be thankful once again, having the memories to look back upon.This thankful heart, stay here so I can repay you for as long as I live..Let me live as your man.If I didn't meet you, if I didn't know this happiness,If I couldn't experience this amazing love..I wouldn't have known how beautiful this world is, and just live passed all that

From now, what I am saying the thing that I never said.Although its embarrassing and awkward from the day I first met you .The thing I said through my smiles,the thing I always said through my eyes
While "holding" your hand, while "greeting" each other's lips.While "holding" you close, while "hugging" you tight..The thing my heart said..

Thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting so I wont be lonely, because you're right here with me.For giving me someone that can tell me they love me..I thank you that you're my woman, that you're the one

p/s : if only inverted was true enough...

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I think someone could not just said forget it then we can just forget.
I have experience too about pain or regret, it's really hurt..
if we try hard to forget it, it's like we lie to ourself because the pain would never that easy to disappear.
Of course we even can't turn back time or past,
it's useless just always remember that past,
it makes us stop in one place, never move forward,
but the pain will slowly reduce by the time
the pain could slowly disappear but the event could not be forgot.
All we can do is take the experience we got to make better move forward..

There are a lot pains that i'm dealing with but i never said it out loud or blame anyone.

do i really deserve all these thing..no...i don't think so..
but that is the real world application now and i'm just a part of binary code inside a program...
I always get annoyed if some people just blame someone before they know exactly what going on. the fact that i said i don't really take that behavior as something really negative because that not entirely true sometime hurt me too..because for me giving too much attention to people who doesn't appreciate the way you are and asking for more doesn't work for me at all..
i don't say much..and i don't do much...
i just smile and wait what might come ahead in future...bring it on by the way..
and i don't put any hope anymore...

p/s : i had enough with disrespect

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bureau of Elevation

when I look into your eyes...
and you're looKing back in mine...
everything feels not quite normal...
because i feel stronger..........................
and weaker at the sAme time...
i feel exited and at the same time...
the truth is..
i dont know what i feel..
i know what kind of man i want to be..

p/s : missing an unexpected one...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Start Stop

hey...i guest nothing here to be talk about though...
hmm..well..i don't know what to mumble here...
except that i just so happen to know that..
i don't talk much...
yeah..i don't talk much..and ummm...my communication with people outside..
kinda lost...i barely text people..
what seem to be happening around here..
opinion...?? some idea....
well the fact that everything is shut down..
and i was doing everything i can to pleased people around me...
and what did i get..NOTHING..!!
everyone make mistake..learn to live with it...
i am not a crappy dude who doesn't know what to do...
where i've been for the past week...
no one even give a shit about it....
no one even ask about how was my day....
talking about sucking a lemon...
i do aware that i have nothing to offer to others..and if i did...
i might not even offer it to others...

there is a thought..i would suggest while driver after went for a fishing trip...last weekend..
if i have what i need to live by myself...i would never return to my current life...
and i mean it...yeas..i am so heartbroken...
with almost everything....i have no one to share my problem with...
yeah..its like that..right now..i just need a jump start..and i will never ever..return...

p/s ; i hate it..when this feeling come to me... 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't Be Good To Me..my BBM status...

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

It might be better to be cold to me
Or ignoring me might be better for me
Brushing off the dust on my collar
Carelessly laughing and leaning on my shoulder

I let it go, telling myself that its just a habit and busy my day
But I think about ti again and again as if I took a picture

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
If you have other thoughts than me, if you have different thoughts than me.
If somebody asks you who I am, nonchalantly introduce me as just someone you know

The phone call a couple of days ago at night, that call...
it's not that I didn't want to answer, but I couldn't
Just in case I tell you I miss you when I'm drunk
because in the morning, I'll regret it

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore
I don't have the confidence to kneel my knees and be hurt by love
Although I had the whole world because of love
Although i miss it, I'm unable to find the way

Just in case you have the same thoughts as me,
if you happen to have the same thoughts of me
I wait again and again.
I am a fool in front of love again.
I cling to you again, like a fool.

Stop being good to me
Don't be good to me anymore

p/s : have to...

Choice..choosing between path..

yeah...just like that..
life is about making some decision and learn to live with it..
some might be okey...and some might lead us to not being that okey..
i've recently make a decision that lead to my 3rd regret of my life...
and..i occasionally think what am i going to do with my life..
thing just not getting my way at all...
with regards or not..i should not make that choice..and now..everyday..
i am starting to lose grip...and i it make me know where is my stand for now on...
what should i do for the rest of my life....

1st regret..not even the first day of my 2nd year 2nd semester
2nd regret..before my graduation
3rd regret..27 to 41

p/s : hard way to be knock out...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[BM] kenapa..mengapa...

hai kawan2...today entry a lil bit jambu cket ler...
and yg paling penting..sbg graduan dari UKM..yg memantapkan Bahasa Melayu sbg bahasa kebangsaaan..sy update la dlm versi BM...tp kelam kabut cket la ye...
kdg2 kita rasa la kan..kenapa la kita asyik duk putuih..couple...putus couple..
pasaipa ye...adakah salah kita..adakah takdir...hmmm..bg yg dalam kategori yg ada agama..mudah bagi mereka melepaskan..sbb apa..sbb percaya pada qada' dan qadar...sebaik mana Allah tiup roh kita dlm rahim ibu kita..di saat tu perjalanan hidup kita telah ditetapkan...kenapa kita selalu bertemu dgn org yg salah...mmg Allah sengaja menemukan kita dgn orang yg salah………………

  • spy kita dpt jd penilai yg baik..
  • spy kita sedar, yg kita just makhluk yg sentiasa harapkan pertolongan Allah..
  • spy kita sedaq yg ALLAH YANG MAHA PEMURAH DAN PENYAYANG, sbb ingatkan kita yg dia bukanlah pilihan yg hebat utk kita dan kehidupan kita di masa depan…
  • spy kita dpt kutip pengalaman yg tak suma org berpeluang utk mengalaminya.
  • spy kita menjadi MANUSIA yg HEBAT JIWANYA..
  • spy kita lebih faham yg CINTA yg TERBAIK HANYA ADA BERSAMA ALLAH..

kepada pembaca yg kecewa,menderita dan sengsara pasai cinta, kena paham pasai kehidupan kita makin sampai ke hujungnya. esok kita pun kita sendiri tidak pasti sama ada jd milik kita.tak sure sama ada kita sempat bangun untuk mengerjakan solat subuh esk pagi...
kita kena cuba memburu keredhaan Allah dgn melaksanakan suruhan-Nya dan tinggai larangan-Nya…
PERCAYALAH sesungguhnya Allah malu untuk menolak permintaan hamba-Nya yang menadah tangan meminta dengan penuh pengharapan HANYA kepada-NYA..

p/s : issue oriented...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cita Rasa..Taste..

3S..not 3gs..not 4s..not iphone 4..iphone..iphone 5...

1. Simple
as simple she could be..easy to do everything...not as complicated as me though...

2. Sweet
this might be odd..but i like those type with the eyes that shine..waaa gitu...

3. Savage
this is compulsory...don't take this as a straight meaning word by word..

p/s: interested..please submit your resume at my email...muahahaha..don't be good to me...KJK


aci..amma..apaaaa.... nan unnei khadalikiren...
so..how u doin peeps around the world..
sorry for my not so good language...since it is just a  simple post..
i've made up my mind..but ummm..well...
i was hoping that whatever i chose to do will benefit me..
in a way that it will somehow benefit others...

this might be the turnout that i've been waiting for like a long time..
but..this might be the one which kill me..
i'm doing great right now...
really do...but the choice of living make me might consider choosing this as an option...
to sustain my future in whatever thing that i will do...
just for it..i would like to wish happy monday..and i hope..what i choose will benefit me..
as well as other people around the world...

when it happen..i was hoping that it will be for a good cause....
bye bye bye bye bye....

p/s : tak tahu..but i was hoping that..it is the right choice though....

what really make thing become worst..

hey readers..
Assalamualaikum and a very good morning , afternoon,evening, night to all..
it have been quite a day since my last update...
well then..today entry is a lil bit quite forward...
I'm talking about some thing that we usually do when we quarrel..
especially for those who are in relationship..
this was based on my personal experience thought...
and i would be happy to share to all..
in order to perfect your relationship...

Don't talk too much..

When arguing, both of you definitely in anger...when angry, surely the logical thing  sometime admitted to enforce your views. as a guy has the right to speak even less than overly enforce your own opinion...This will trigger feelings of dissatisfaction to your spouse until she slowly will become bored with you..what you need to do is to think deeply how to redress the situation...rather than trying to prove something...

Do not reply actions (revenge)

for example, your so called girlfriend or boyfriend mingling with his or her friend..the person that she or he knew way longer than u...You want to make him or her aware that there must be some distant as u were his or her spouse and well..you also mingle-friendly with another opposite gender friend just to show some sign..bad move i supposed because the level of acknowledgement of a person differ..This is only likely to give more opportunities to your spouse to plot a vengeful revenge that somehow will continue until someone voice it out..Finally, you also get involved in your own distant relations which may lead to you having a very sucking shit and crapiest life that may lead you having a depress moment when everything end up...

Do not try to change your LOVE..

you grew up in your own family value, your love was raised in that family value...Surely there are differences between the two..You must understand that the way your spouse sees something is definitely not the same as your opinion...if it is the same..well..your would surely live in the world with no challenge...and if everyone way of thinking is almost the same..well fairly we say everything is the same..then when reaching the designated age..everyone will be in relationship..and not as all alone like me..(advertisement)

Focus on the problem

Do not drag..swipe up thing that is not the problem will eventually also be a problem...like making thing become worst and worst..for example debating which come first..chicken or egg..(metaphorical point actually)

Do not raise YOUR voice

when we fight..there are tendency which we make our voice higher..higher than our partner voice..Fights like this will not make things better but it even things more tangled and messed up..the logic behind raising the voice is just simply to show who is really in control...that's all...Try talking calmly until your partner anger resolve from being an incredible hulk to bruce banner and thus can solve the problem more quickly...that is what we were hoping at least...(kot la..harap tak jadi lain)..English lesson time..don't put 'up'..when you used "raise"..exhibit A.."raise up"..raise in definition was the notion of up..so it would be redundant..raise (up) up..

Use baby call (nama manja la konon)

There are couples who at the time of normal use call 'love' or 'spoiled' but when fighting, things will turn instead...my past experience..i would rather say that it is a real deal..from 'ayang' and 'abang' (malay annotation for lovers) would transform into 'hang' and 'aku' (you and i in a informal..not suitable because it prove distant exist)..Gross calls take over cause your partner to feel themselves low and boast their anger towards you...Do not be emotional and choose to use a rough call include 'I' and 'you'.

to be continue...

p/s : don't spend as if u were that rich...

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Mix and The Signal

You've heard of the golden rule, right?
"love thy neighbor?
uh, actually..it's "do unto others "and it is actually from the bible..
just fyi for those who doesn't acknowledge about this matter.
then again..in life..there is another rules that was created by people to avoid a feeling that induce to heartbreak and death..booo..

"never ever, ever, ever,love thy neighbor."

This steps of the process that usually occur and it will result to killing the feeling at the end..and it always and always start with no other than.....

It was the only thing that can grab our attention..
for a douche dude..it might be the huge rack..
and for those who chase the divine future would go for those who wear hijab..and the type that will bring them peace but not those hipster type of hijab that will bring trouble...(anonymous)

as for me..the simple version would be enough..since according to my opinion..to easily sustain a relationship..we must have an easy start in relationship..but not those high maintenance shit start of relationship...perghhh...


During those moment..the one who approach the target would try to make themselves marketable with all the quality that they have.
maybe it would be real..or maybe it would be fake just for sake of dealing with the fact that they have to compete to create compatibility within each other. withdraw and deposit concept.( not what you think)
showing that you can be what the other would dream you could be...it will be like a dream come true..waaa...my prince or princess from heaven. (unquote)


This is the moment where the moved were made...huuu..for those who think they were the romantic type would bring for a dinner and occasionally proposed after the hint were given. it may varies on people and what is the designated plan for the future. and for once..that is the only moment that people doesn't really think about the future..because the present moment was way beyond blissful from their haunting past that make them scared to be involved in relationship..personally if u did ask me about it..well there is no mourning period should be applied when we faced the end of our our relationship..be happy that the misery end but not to find the rebound person so fast because it doesn't last and you will end up becoming someone bitch.
i would against the rebound relationship because it will kill both of you..(off topic)


This might be the naughty part of the relationship..regardless who we are..it is normal..well..it depend on how do you define normal actually..then again the existence of the 3gp from plenty of sources on the net suggest that it is normal thing within person in love because it someone prove that the love and affection was there. no need to explain so much about it..you know who you are..

The Tipping Point

When nothing work well in relationship within two people.usually this is the moment that kill the relationship at first place...maybe..cheating...over jealousy..
those two word actually end up the relationship..
doesn't matter who you are..must be some one in your life who will execute it..
the cause of cheating..simple-->know to much of relationship..no more shine..restriction..
so one will find a way to get what wasn't fill in the bottle...yeah..even if we fill in the blank..we make sure that it wasn't left empty with no answer..the same principle applied...

Looking out at the term jealousy..there are a lot of definition about what it is all about...its funny to think that jealousy would turn down the relationship..some might use it to spice up the heat...interesting actually to think it that way..but the negative side of jealousy is that when we add the word 'over' in front it..nothing goes right if we embedded the word 'over' in every sentence..to much of jealousy would create safety issue. it will keep you thinking so much and too much of thinking prove to be a symptom of someone being insecure..a study suggest that the less intelligent person handle stress well since they doesn't operate their brain brain at the highest level..again simple is the best..being too bright make you become easily stressful person..because you take the simplest ever thing too serious..


When everything doesn't work well in the relationship..it is matter of time for both to face each other like a man...man could be a whore..perhaps...and girl could be the strongest..or might be inverted..who will know about it.. either way regardless what happens..we still have to sit together and reflex what went wrong because thing used to be so good and on split second thing went the other way around..search for what went wrong..and try to fix it..it is unavoidable..since if this was avoid..the relationship will append and at the end..someone will become someone spare part..the choice to return..hell NO..!!


If nothing work out well..at last..it will be the end of relationship..please...I'm begging to all the reader..please break up under good term..it is for your own good..don't quickly judge the failure of your relationship..the rational the breakup need to be end up without any bad fight..is that..no matter how hard the relationship hard..remember that you have her heart..and he has yours..
giving back to those with responsible is always the best way...forgive..please forgive..and cry..the tear is just something that you fill in when you were in love and the only way to take out from the system is by tears..it is okey..


Just received the fact that the shadow fade along with the smoke..the past..is the the past..You will always see people around you and you will always see your past because nowadays..the social network keep people connected..it's the moment you realize that all that anger..and resentment just isn't useful.....

p/s : simple,sweet and savage..
credit : Zulaikha and Wawa Zainal(muahaha). 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sincerity vs. Insincerity

yeah...it is what it is...
it may varies on people perception about what it is actually..
so of us have difrennt opinion about thing that may have to do with our  life...
some of u out there doesn't agree with what is say and it is okey because u also might not agree with everyone too..it work fine actually..
and that is why we call it perception and opinion...
it doesn't have to be the same though it can be compute to be agree too..

what is sincerity..???
what is your opinion about it...
Sincere means "honest" or "true", especially when talking about someone's feelings or beliefs.
For example.."When I said I trust you, I was being sincere." (really mean it).
some might define it as pure..unmixed..unadulterated..(the kiss ass type)
well the deal might be that another person doesn't want you to slap someone back..

some wise man qoute that...

Be sincere in your thoughts,
Be pure in your feelings.
You will not have to run after happiness.
Happiness will run after you.” 

what about the meaning of insincerity...???
the simple version..unseaworthiness...
this term wasn't integrate much in life except for one principle....
yeah...it was utilized a lot in this two term that it is known by all when we were at the receiving end.. 
it happen when there is there is SECRET..and LACK OF TRUST..
that is the only two thing that conclude to these behavior...
what can we do to avoid it..??
NO..!! there is no such thing as avoiding it...
because insincerity just happen and there is no way to avoid it..
it was like asking why the earth round..why the sun rise in the morning..who is my unknown future wife..and what i do for a living...
shit does happen..and when it happen..
there is no way to stop it except to say..i have to face it like a man and not like a bitch...
that is why.everyone i met..i always embedded in their mind that trust and character i need around me...
and please..no lie..because..it is fine if we lie..but  it is a problem(s) if we forgot what we've told people...
that is why i stay like this..because the moment i spot a secret or even some irregularity..i will stop...
because it is hard even to sustain the relationship..what about to maintain the unknown life ahead in the future..

Unrelated Picture

p/s : How I Met Your Mother...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday..and Friday..

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of my friend..my reader..
well..today i'm in a very good mood..and i am fine..if you did ask..
anyway as u people might know..it is 14 of February 2013..and umm..it is a valentine day..
and there is some concern about this day where people were just making fun..
making fun was inverted btw..and there will occasionally be a person who will always be an instant ustaz or ustazah..telling here and there..share here and there..
i think our Malaysian society take thing way too seriously...
yeahh..almost everytime...we fight against thing that we don't really know..
i was fascinate by the term that we have to fight for our youth right..
what was it actually...the right to be a voter..the right to gain sufficient internet access...
that was just all stupid idea by the people at Malaysia...
we pay to much attention on the tiny matter up until that we really forget about thing that matter the most.. 
i was wondering la kan...why..there are not even one youth who fight for the right to obtain a decent living by providing a job...well..i was going to implant the thought to the reader here...we are so obsessed to be help with some stupid ironic scheme..like BR1M..BL1M..or the stupid RM200 rebate for smartphone..it was just a temporary gain for us..like in 2 years perhaps..but umm it is a well rehearsed gain for our government or like 5 years..think about it..the cash flow was enormous..the whatsoever gift by the government is to induce the cash flow..and they succeed...



here is the analogy..at first..the rebate for smartphone was meant for under rm500..right..
then..when it was revised again..they found out that if there were no restriction..the cash flow would be even double..or maybe triple..1:8 ratio of  profit was made...and that was the minimum..with the previous implementation of idea with rm500 of smartphone..the ratio would be at par with 2:5 margin of profit..in comparison..it would be a very moronic move to put a restriction..
saying that our government is evil..?? no..it is a visionary and genius move by them..and we..just laugh at them but the real deal was..they were the one who were laughing so hard..for being so idiot asking for the restriction being pull off...sound about right huh..yeahhh..

we might be that selfless jerk who think that the multitude is very very so extreme the clever laaa..tapi..think again..the people who decide for us..are also one of the people...

p/s; read more..and be a person that were oriented with issue rather than choosing side..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


ok..how u doin guys..and girl perhaps...well..
today my entry will be as simple as it could ever be...
today..just today...yoday..yennadeyyyy...
aiyaaaa...today agak mcm shit cket ler..
ye la kan..bila kerja kat office kerajaan nie..rsa mcm diri ini tak bermakna lak dalam masyarakat..
ye la kan..kawan sebaya semua duk enjoy gi...
ye la kan..mak bapak depa kaya raya..so leh la bg kat depa duit sementara tak dpt kerja lg...
but for me...aku rsa mmg kena cari la wang...
sbb kerja yg lebih baik yg aku mintak tu..jauh jugak la jarak..
talk about nk bawak diri kan..yes..i need a new life..kita tak tahu kan perjalanan hidup kita..
but at least we should set the tone in our life la kan...

Fake Deluded
p/s : kadang-kadang dalam hidup..kita kena gak tunjuk sapa diri kita kat org..sbb bg semua org apa yg kat luar..tu lebih penting..dan atas rasional itu ramai yg berpura-pura..for me..me just for me..

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reborn Again kot..

hai kawan2..apa khabar sihat ka
eden nie dh lama tak blogging..
maklum la kan..sibuk cket kan..
bukan sibuk apa pun sgt..
just that saya ini tengah sibuk mencari kerja la kan...
apa mau buat..
dunia zaman sikalang mmg payah giler nk cari kerja
especially yg tetap..
setelah sy tamat di Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi..
saya sambung pulak kat Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia
ye la kan..nmpk gah kan sbb pegawai..tapi sini punya facilities mmg zero la..
dgn komputer zaman tahun bila tah..even tablet aku pny memory jauh lg banyak...

anyway..ini la saya..

 zaman kat KPT nuh..pejabat gah giler..
 time awal-awal pagi nk gi kerja..

nie plak dgn menteri..antara yg bagus gak la jaga kementerian dia..

 ini gambaq today..baju tiga lapis habag hg...

nie hari kedua..

setakat ni..kerja takde la best sgt..pasal internet kat sini semua menda nk block..
tak macam office lama sbb still leh akses laman web social..
nt buat research pun susah..skang medium utama komunikasi adalah FB at least..
advance user may go to twitter..
maybe sbb tu KPT antara kementerian yg indeks dia bagus..sbb suasana kerja dia bagus..
apa yg bleh dicakapkan sepanjang tempoh pekerjaan kat kementerian pelajaran Malaysia nie..bahagian ni..
dpt la dgr byk sgt cerita yg mana staff dia sndri pun tak puas hati ngan implementation of idea dari menteri..
sbb menurut depa2 nie..KPM pny style..laksana dlu..dan tgk kesan.pastu modified idea..which btw..akan pasti menunjukkan pembaziran..no wonder sgt teruk berbanding ngan kementerian lain..

byk jugak la masalah ngan isu dalaman yg berlaku dek pentadbiran atasan KPM yg tak menjurus kepada suasana kondusif. entah la..aku pun freshman kat sini..tp mulut aku jahat..so cmna pun..pasti akan berlaku damage...

p/s: tgk la nnt cmna..