Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Done with Curtain Fall

Deleting entry?
Overrated Self Esteem?
Feeling Alpha because You were Wanted?

I know when is the time to be humble..
and i do know when is the time to be proud..
I don't need to beg, 
I earn everything and provide the essential stuff for myself..
Having too much pride prevents your capability to learn, 
Restricts your view towards natural life..
It harms the relationships with others hope..
Being too arrogant forms a false appearance of who we are..
The fake impression that we are infallible..

You know who you are...
the thing was the chances was given..and a lot...
i have joy..i have the item that fill my need physically..
it was just trust and character i need around me..
who you choose to be around you get to know who you are and it define who are exactly..
a bit of dirt or stain just to know what a person really made of..
that the the price that i have to live with...
can i live with it...??
only i know...
how can i be so sure...
i don't...but based on the convey a lot of variable that can induce to a lot of conclusion..
Now and have the know that a jet will fly by the tower once..
and when the pattern is full...
don't you ever regret because that was initially your choice....

p/s: metaphorical entry...