Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 language of post

hey people..
how you guys doing..
feeling good does it with everything that passed through out the weekend
although i don't really get what was the significant of the  rebellious redemption
whatever it is, they were the kind of people who go with the flow but doesn't really know what happened around them.

this is the first time that i've use both BM and English in my posting...
i will translate the meaning of this in English later on in the future..
this is actually what i would say to whom that i might fall in love with
just a simple word
and it was nothing
the idea came when i was cycling at Putrajaya 

Assalamualikum..hai awak,....
awak buat pe..
nak balik rumah ke
sy dh lihat awk lama..
sejak dari....
tapo sekarang
saya nak jadi lelaki yang faham awak
tahu pasal awak
dan di masa hadapan
saya dah tak nak panggil awak dengan nama "awak"
boleh saya panggil awak dgn nama "sayang"

i don't usually do that
since my heart was shattered a few month ago
this is when i hated myself the most
when i was alone and vulnerable towards affection
hope that i will never had to used this word again
i am posting this a a guideline for others to utilized it as one on the way to win their princess heart
it is not done yet since i've lost the idea about the continuation
if i manage to have a thought about it
then i will complete the full verse of this whatever do we call..

p/s: "you was meant for me and i was meant for you" by barney stinson