Friday, September 28, 2012

Tik Tok..

nobody knows
just how much your heart beats for me
and when you breathe
your soul cries out for
its one true love
but you turn away
and just ignore
all the yearning and searching you'll never find what you're looking for
I have all of the answers of questions all that you need and more
you're wasting your time
let go of your pride
you're only hurting yourself
You can brush me aside
Go on with your life
and place me back on the shelf

so tell me what are you going to do
you think that i will just wait for you
dont you know this could be your last chance
just know tomorrow is not promised

Whatcha you waiting for
tik tok
will you open the door
tik tok
come in and be with me
tik tok
or will you leave me
tik tok

p/s: to be continue..

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