Sunday, May 13, 2012

Doing Shot..~~

Love is a feeling, which you have for someone who is close to your heart. It’s a word used to describe the way in which we think and care about certain people who are close to our heart.

Sacrifice is giving up of something, for some good reason. Like for the well being or someone or for the happiness of someone else we give up our own happiness and comforts. Sacrifice is in fact coming out of love. If we don’t love the person, for whom we are sacrificing, then it doesn’t term as sacrifice.

Chasing your dreams could and can never be a waste of time and those who says that it is a waste of time really don't have any dreams and are in fear of chasing their dreams and that could be because someone told them the same thing at a younger or just maybe the fact is that none of their dreams have never come through.

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Please don't let anyone tell you that chasing your dreams is a waste of time.

I don't believe that self-sacrifice has anything to do with humility. It’s innate in some, for example, one who sees a stranger drowning & has no hesitation in jumping in to save them, at their own risk. A man who burned to death because he enter his house and save his cat. That was love, not humility. There are many myths about self-sacrifice. Martyrdom, hero syndrome. This denigrates the humane, selfless act. Humility is a humble condition, or attitude of the mind. Self-sacrifice is not.

The answer is simple. It is easy to tell someone else to be humble in some way- it is only words on your part. Words can be powerful- words can also be cheap, not worth the paper they are printed on. To act on humility in and of your self is far greater than words alone. Your self is your life. Life is all you have. You cannot give anything higher than the sacrifice of self, in the name of love. Anything else is meaningless.

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