Sunday, April 22, 2012

What we deserve..??

Happiness is given as a gift by God. Anyone can choose to be happy. Anyone can choose to be sad, angry, or depressed. You aren't forced to be happy, so it must there for a reason. Everyone might not be perfect, but they still deserve to be happy in life. Happiness is said to be the missing piece to life's giant puzzle. Without the last piece, it can never be full filled.

First of all you must describe happiness, which in core does not really exist. Lasting happiness does not exist - little flashes every now and then are possible, but that's all. Satisfaction is another matter, and it is possible to be happy on the whole for long periods of time, taking the rough with the smooth.

The world, the universe and everywhere does not know or notice a thing we do.This is a tough and philosophical problem and yet very simple. Happiness is not a thing that we get from outside it is inside you. You are in authority for your happiness or unhappiness. When we want something and if we get it we will be happy. Otherwise we will be unhappy. Too much expectation, dissatisfaction all are the causes for unhappiness. If we satisfy with what we are having it brings happiness.

You have to inspect what you mean by deserve. We are being raised these days with a certain component of prerogative. If you look at things wisely, you will find out that no one is entitled to anything at all.

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p/s: you can be happy if you choose the right path...think about it...


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