Sunday, April 22, 2012


To me, true love is something that is tough to describe. Sometimes people think that it is there. Some people know that it is there.

True love starts with companionship, then followed by friendship, which was bonded by respect, then develops into crush or mutual understanding. Finally evolves into lovers or an admirer that was built by love and affection. Concern.  Tied by loyalty and honesty and hardened by trust.

The First Love..

I think true love is when two persons cannot help but to spend a day without any contact whatsoever. They have to do it. They'll agonize if they don't have the person that they love. They love each other 110%, plus that. Their love is never-ending for one another. They cannot have anyone better and they are perfect for each other. True love is actually when two person are being able to tell the truth to someone you care about and won't hide anything. True love is when two people know each other imperfections, limitations, shortcomings, and flaws, and in spite of that they accept without hesitation and without hope for a change. True love is when you love yourself fully and you "CHOOSE" to love another the same way as you love yourself everyday without fear of losing them or being jealous of them. Not because they can't be trusted, but because you trust them as you trust yourself. In true love, fear does not exist. In true love, you realize you are not bound by any contract, rather you choose to be with another because you love them.

True love is unconditional.Love your FAMILY..

p/s:Easy to read and understand but difficult to achieve..The true love is inside you and you are the only to know..

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