Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How To Heal Your Wounded Elbow..

There is no such thing as being ordinary, because that would mean that it would all have to be based on certain attributes of one person, meaning they would be alike, and we all know that every single person on the planet is unique..

When you were a little kid playing in the park, you would be so happy and then you fall down and hurt your elbow. No one was there to help you. So for the rest of the day you’re hurt and only think about the elbow. Which makes it hurt more because that is all you focus on. Don’t think about it because it’s a normal part of life and it happens. If you choose to suffer and retire into your shell then basically you can make the recovery last as long as you can before you snap out of it. For a certain reason or another, you are not alone and this does not mean the end for you. It’s only making you stronger for what’s to come. The only way to stop making it so wounding is to forget about it, or at least forget what it was. You can still be bend your arms if you wish but you have to accept the agony and yet still have to move it. Time will heal your wounded elbow and later on you wouldn’t even remember when you hurt your elbow.

This wasn’t a direct post. you need to read in in different view to understand what am I trying to convey. Initially i don't know what the song is all about but it sounded like it was a nice and decent song to listen.

p/s:You never forget your uno...It changes your..It doesn't fix..person to beat is 纽币

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