Thursday, July 7, 2016

Aidilfitri @ home

Aidilfitri.. Same as always. What make it easier for me to get a chance to win is that i am with my family. Family always there for me. I can't wait to deny that i am a little bit off this year. Well whatever it is i am happy. Not as happy as last one but at least it will be something to remember if i die. Knowing how much time i have with me is actually kinda burden because i know when it will end. Whatever it is with the remaining time that i have shall be fully equipped with time with the same person which is my family. One thing that i always say is that i don't need money. Just trust and character i need around me. Now i am leaning on the remaining structure and hope for the best. I always miss the external family but nothing much that i can do now. I can always pray that pakcik shahri and his family are happy and in the best ever condition there is. I always miss those people.  Assalamualailum and happy Aidilfitri.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Paint, Life, Wedding and love

why paint the house,  why choose the calor and why that tone..??
The answer is straight forward and that's about it.  The reason what i do now is only one and it is for a wedding.. The choice of theme, the type of paint and the way i did all is because it is for a wedding.
I did plan all of this and though it doesn't coming through but the deal made with me myself and my obligation have to be fulfilled under the term that it is what i want to do at first place.
it is okey if the wedding doesn't come through but remember that the choice is done prior to the favorite color by us. Assassination of my heart and health.
last post..remember the name..
thanks #ayinaden
thank you Allah.. give her never ending blessings and don't ever made her sad.. anymore..